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Part 1: When Old Stories Show Up in New Chapters

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and cringe? Maybe you thought you looked decent but, oh, those "Hulk" arms were a bit much? All that extra skin hanging down from your arms creating bat wings large enough for you flap away into the night. Oh, what about those stretch marks? Don't forget… Continue reading Part 1: When Old Stories Show Up in New Chapters

Love & Life

Finding Your Voice in the Little Things

The headline gives it away, doesn't it? If not, let me spell it out - I am a recovering people pleaser. If I don't keep my anxiety in check, I am a woman riddled with fear and worry of what others think of me and whether or not they are upset with me. This is… Continue reading Finding Your Voice in the Little Things

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Self-Care Is More Than Retail Therapy

What is self-care? Or, I guess, the more important question - what isn't considered self-care? For one, it isn't selfish. Self- care is necessary for one's well-being - emotionally, physically, spiritually. And as much as a part of me hates to admit this - it's not a reason to go out and spend a bunch of… Continue reading Self-Care Is More Than Retail Therapy

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The Dishwasher Debacle of 2018

"So, I got you a dishwasher," my husband beamed. "For your birthday, Mother's Day and ..." "And our anniversary," I chimed in. "Yes," he smiled. It was apparent he seeking praise for, in his mind, a thoughtful gift. I just stood there - as if my brain was switching to energy-saving mode - and stared off… Continue reading The Dishwasher Debacle of 2018

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Rising Above Rudeness

A few weeks ago, my family attended our oldest child's school auction. We purchased horse riding lessons, a birthday day package at an art studio and a one-time house cleaning package complete with a garden hose, gardening gloves and a few flowers. Elated, I couldn't stop talking about how we got this amazing deal on a… Continue reading Rising Above Rudeness


He Doesn’t Know Yet

Light slipped through our green black-out curtains that morning, like it does every morning. I sighed, hmmm'd and groaned at the sound of my alarm ... like I do almost every ... okay, every morning. A flip of a light switch and faint "good mornings" didn't wake our sleepy kids. Gentle nudges transformed into hand… Continue reading He Doesn’t Know Yet

Mental Health

The Not-So-Perfect Perfectionist

It's the beginning of April, which means for some of you ... you are actually enjoying all the things associated with spring such as baseball, warmer weather, flowers, cute clothes, purging your life of clutter (mentally, physically and spiritually). Mother Nature must have forgotten how to spell spring — it's S-P-R-I-N-G. Ya know, where flowers… Continue reading The Not-So-Perfect Perfectionist