Short Stories & Poetry

I See You

Hey you …
Yes, you my friend. I see you warrior, conqueror — queen.
I see you woman, mighty and bad ass — in all your glory.
I see you multi-tasker, master of all things, coordinator of schedules.
I see you nurturer, kiss the ouchies away, bath time entertainer.
I see you gymnast, balancing on ladders, countertops, tables, beds replacing light bulbs and cleaning up the dust way above your head.
I see you educator, singer of lullabies, human pillow and blanket.
I see you short-order cook, feeding the masses, cutting the crush of sandwiches just so, burning the toast to the tune of a smoke alarm.
I see you maid, mountain of laundry ass kicker, scrubber of toilets, dishes and carpets painted in cherry Kool-Aid .
I see you toddler wrangler, baby bouncer, human milk machine, bosom buddy.
I see you bedtime ninja, pretending to be asleep  with your little one just long enough for them to doze off.
I see you negotiator— ready to diffuse, redirect a situation before it turns into a hostage takeover or worse, a full-blown meltdown.
I see you researcher of school projects, all-night quizzer, gift giver.
I see you chauffeur, detective, problem-solver, finder of missing shoes, socks and favorite worn-out T-Shirts.
I see you prevailer of toys, large and small, survivor of the mystery Legos on the floor.
I see you speedy wiper of faces, butts and boogers.
I see you human dish rag, ladder and garbage disposal.
I see all these things that make you great but most of all I see you — woman, soul sister, dreamer, doer — in all your glory.
I see you. Yes, you.




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